MotorMedic is an independent family run specialising on premium car brands. Established name, traditional values and a highly personal service at a competitive price. With a professional team who have between them over 40 years combined main dealer experience, We passionately believe in quality and integrity, applying the highest possible standards in everything we do.

Whatever the problem with your vehicle, you can count on us to locate and remedy the problem as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Whether you have bought a vehicle from us, or just coming in for a service – your vehicle is in safe hands.

Our Services

Even if you are just looking for consultation on your next car purchase, we are here to help you. For a helpful, friendly advice and service, just Contact us. Some of the services offered by Motor Medic are:

For a full description of our services, read more information on Our Service page or leave us a message on our Contact Page.

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  • Motor Medic is a family owned business with a difference – the owners are more passionate about cars than I am and that is saying something. I love cars and my favourite brand is Alfa Romeo and Land Rovers.

    Brian, the owner is a hard working, dedicated professional who I don’t believe always gets the credit and appreciation for all the extra effort he puts behind fixing any car. I’ve experienced this twice, the first when I took my 2005 limited edition Land Rover Freelander for a service and when he tested it on the road he heard a slight noise that I had noticed but didn’t think was anything serious. It turned out to be a spare part that needed changing because it was worn out.

    Recently my wife’s Alfa Romeo 147 went in for a change of the driver’s side windows and mirrors switch. He fixed that but noticed the car was not starting with the first attempt when you turn the key. This defect has been ever since a few months after we bought it and none of the other mechanics noticed what it was. Brian immediately identified this defect saying it was the result of a faulty petrol pump. He changed it and voila’ the car now starts without any problem.

    Whenever I called Brian to intervene, he was always there to help and guess what, the most impressive thing I have ever seen is the cleanliness and state of the art equipment which his garage can offer for any type of electronic or mechanical problem which other mechanics would shrug their shoulders and shy away from. He is the man that never gives up.

    I’ve seen car engines that looked like they were only good to throw into a scrap yard turned into brand new ones that you can only see when you buy a new car. And Brian’s most important witnesses are the types of car brand names you see when you visit his enormous garage, which he boasts he set up so all cars are kept safe inside. In a couple of visits I’ve seen, Ferraris, Rollers, Alfa romeos, Bentleys, Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Audis and some very rare vehicles you see only in films.

    Finally I am very happy to have found a mechanic which actually does what he says he can do and since I have five cars, I need someone like Brian that I can trust. We need more professionals in every department like him, but unfortunately few are passionate about their jobs and a person passionate about the work he does will always be up to date, a mile ahead of his peers and the most sought after.

    Thanks Brian from the bottom of my heart for being patient with me and my bad temper, kind and always ready to help find a solution.

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